Annual Fund 2019

The purpose of the Annual Fund is to provide an additional revenue stream allowing the normal activities of the school to be augmented and enhanced in such a way that school fee income cannot properly service. 


It provides those essential “extras” which set our daily life and curriculum apart, benefitting future generations of pupils through the projects that are funded.


The Annual Fund is a great way to support small to medium scale projects which will have an immediate impact on the lives of our current and future pupils.


Over the years, OGs, parents and friends have been wonderfully generous in their support of the Annual Fund.  These projects have been carefully chosen because they support each pupil in becoming a true Giggleswick Learner: curious, skilled, aware, creative, pro-active, passionate, resilient, assured.


Following consultation with all departments within the School, we are pleased to confirm that this year, through the Annual Fund we hope to provide:

Accordion Replacement of the grand piano for the Music School - £44,000.00
The grand piano is the focal point of the Music Department. The current Kawai piano is worn out and is becoming increasingly difficult to keep in tune. 
The new piano will be used by GCSE and A Level students, who use the piano for their performance recitals.  Our A Level pianists, need an instrument of a suitable standard to perform on, as the mark represents 35% of their A Level.
The new piano will benefit both academic and co-curricular as students are able to practice on the same piano that they will eventually use to take their exam or performing recital on.
Accordion A professional-standard dance floor for the new Dance Studio - £13,000.00
The provision of a professional-standard dance floor will enable Giggleswick to offer dance as a serious co-curricular activity to students, attracting both current and potential new students to the beauty of dance.
The dance floor will enable dancers to avoid repetitive strain injuries and muscle fatigue, whilst protecting them from the dangers of slips and serious injuries.
Accordion Video recording mast to enable sports performance analysis - £2,200.00
To allow professional quality recording and video analysis of performances in all outdoor sports. This will allow coaching enhancements to be targeted and sustained.
Video recording masts have replaced the more cumbersome and costly recording platforms and are far more mobile and versatile.  
The mast will enable filming at a height of up to 26ft, giving the optimum view of our sporting events and providing our students with enhanced sports education. 
Accordion Digitalisation of the Performing Arts performance record - £500.00
To enable the back catalogue of performance work to be accessible to students to create a reference library.  This will allow access to previous student work and enable our students to understand how work is assessed.
Quality digital recordings of Theatre and Music performances will help promote the fantastic work of the Performing Arts department to even wider audiences.
Accordion Provision/replacement of the existing projector with commercial theatre projection equipment in the Richard Whiteley Theatre - £8,500.00
A laser-based projector will improve the projection facilities in the Richard Whiteley Theatre, with a brighter projector suitable for the recent enhancements in Digital Technology including the possibility of laser projection.
With the increased use of digital technology throughout the school the specification of the existing projector is not really fit for purpose. The need to use digital technology in events such as assemblies, parent’s meetings and lectures is ever increasing.
Upgrading the projector will allow us to make better use of visuals and digital technology in performance. It will also improve connectivity with devices allowing direct HDMI input, along with the existing video and VGA.  
Accordion Mobile 3D printing and laser cutting equipment for the Junior School - £4,500.00
The purchase of a 3D printer and laser cutting equipment will improve the skill level of the Junior School pupils.  In particular, this will assist the Key Stage 2 children who are preparing to move into Key Stage 3, Year 7, enabling them to make excellent progress within the world of Design Technology.
Art and Design is viewed as one of the School’s specialist subjects that stands us apart from competitors and this technology will put us at a higher level than local schools.
Accordion Acquisition of 6 Spinning bikes for the new Dance Studio - £1,649.10
The purchase of Spinning bikes will provide fitness training for sports teams and pupils during activities. 
This will allow the various groups to work in a group environment, indoors, which will drive the pupils to push themselves physically. This will ensure even better participation rates in exercise for the pupils, especially those not involved in teams, which in turn will have a positive impact on student’s mental health. 
Accordion Professional video recording equipment for Performing Arts and Sport - £1,500.00
The purchase of a high-quality video camera will capture performance work in Drama, Music and Sport and also be used in Media lessons.
The sophistication of the new camera will assist in capturing student performance, which can be used for assessment. 
Good quality recordings of music and theatre events will enable the school to publish such events to parents who are overseas or unable to attend.  These high quality recordings will then be used to create a back catalogue, which will be accessible to pupils to help generate a reference library.

For further information please contact the Development Office by email, or phone on 01729 893038, to discuss how you can help.