Exploring Japanese art

Our pupils were treated to a fascinating evening of Japanese culture in the Glover Art Studio with a Japanese Ukiyo-e printmaking exhibition, led by our own expert, Miss McGee. It was a chance to hear how key ideas from Japanese social and economic history influenced this genre of art, with influence from Shogun and Emperor rulings on print design, sales and trading. Everyone was amazed to see Miss McGee’s outstanding collection of work dating back to the early 1800s and listen to ideas explaining use of narrative, symbolism, characterisation and colour inking in this fascinating subject.


It was a rare opportunity to examine the dramatic actor prints and the huge popularity boom in themes such as Mount Fuji or courtesan life. Japanese art was also celebrated with 'marble' lemonade and Japanese snacks as they browsed the collection of art works, and made connections to contemporary design and printmaking techniques.