Faith and Religion

Giggleswick School is a Christian Foundation and Christian values underpin our community life as a school. We seek to engender in our pupils a sense of responsibility and an attitude of warm community and open generosity towards each other and the village in which we live.


Each term begins and ends with a service in Chapel. There are short services to start the day each Wednesday and Friday, and boarders attend Chapel on Sundays during term time. Our intention in Chapel is to ensure that services are accessible to the pupils. The style is generally serious but informal, with more formal services when the occasion demands it. The themes chosen are relevant to young people’s lives today, and the emphasis is on engagement and participation. Pupils have opportunities to take part in readings and prayers, to sing in the choir and to lead the Chapel services.

Accordion History of the Chapel
The Chapel was the gift of Walter Morrison of Malham to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. He commissioned T G Jackson, a leading architect of the time. Work begun in 1897 and the Chapel was completed in 1901.

The architect’s challenge was to design a Gothic building with a dome (as specified by Morrison) and yet make it appear as if it were natural to the surroundings. It was also Morrison’s wish that the building should be finished and furnished in every respect, leaving no room for subsequent intrusion of possibly unsympathetic work, and so the Chapel has become a rare instance of a building in which every detail has been completed and designed by, or under the direction of, the same person.
Accordion Visiting the Chapel
Visitors are welcome to visit the Chapel from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. The Chapel is usually closed on Bank Holidays, on the Tuesday after the Spring Bank Holiday and for the last two weeks of December each year. Other times by arrangement. Visitors must report to the main school reception to obtain the key to the Chapel. 
Accordion Christian Living
In some cases our pupils may seek to go deeper into the Christian faith. All are welcome to attend the Christian discipleship group “Oxygen” on Monday evenings, and there are outings to a variety of special events. Each year we join with the local parish church for a Confirmation service, and one of the highlights of the preparation time is a weekend away together. Although the school is an Anglican school, the chaplain is in contact with clergy and leaders from other denominations locally, and our Christian activities are very inclusive.
Accordion Other Faiths
Although Giggleswick is a Christian foundation, members of other faith communities are very welcome here, and we have a number of such pupils in our school. We hope that our stance as a place where faith is honoured will enable our pupils to find common ground with people of all faiths or none. The chaplain can make arrangements for pupils of any faith community to have contact with local representatives of that faith.