Fees & Dates

At Giggleswick International Summer School we make our fees 'all-inclusive'. This means that we aim to cover all costs from the moment our students step off the plane to the moment they leave us to return home. Students just need a small amount of pocket money for buying souvenirs.


Fees and dates 2019

Senior Courses 2019 Dates Fees
Immersion Programme 2 June - 7 July £5000
International Summer School 1 (July) 7 July - 28 July £3000
Best of England Tour 28 July - 3 August £1800
Best of Scotland Tour 4 August - 10 August £1800
International Summer School 2 (August) 11 August - 25 August £2000
Junior Courses 2019 Dates Fees
International Summer School 1 (July) 14 July - 28 July £2000
International Summer School 2 (August) 11 August - 25 August  £2000
Best of England and Best of Scotland Tours are for Seniors (11-16 years) only

Our 'all-inclusive' fees include:

  • All teaching costs - tuition and materials
  • All food costs - three meals each day and continuous refreshments
  • Full accommodation in the School’s traditional boarding houses
  • Full laundry service operating on a daily basis
  • An organised welcome at Manchester and Leeds Airports
  • All travel arrangements on trips, and to and from activities
  • 24 hour supervision and security from Giggleswick's staff
  • All excursions, visits and associated tickets and entry fees
  • All activity costs & tuition with qualified instructors and coaches

We know it is important to parents that there are no hidden costs after the booking has been made. With our all-inclusive fee, the only extra cost for you will be the return flights and a small amount of pocket money for buying souvenirs while they are with us. We cover the rest.