Our Governors

The Governors of Giggleswick School come from a variety of backgrounds. All are volunteers and may not, as Charity Trustees, receive any remuneration for the work they carry out on behalf of the Charity.


There are three ‘Representative’ Governors:

One appointed by the Provost and Fellows of The Queen's College, Oxford
One appointed by the Council of St John's College, Cambridge
One appointed by the Master and Fellows of Christ's College, Cambridge.

The remaining Governors are co-opted Governors and serve for an initial term of five years, and are thereafter eligible for re-election for unlimited terms, up to their seventy-fifth birthday. There are to be a minimum of fourteen and a maximum of twenty-one Governors at any time. Governors are elected by their colleagues to serve on the following Committees:

The Finance and Strategy Committee, the Academic and Co-Curricular Committee, the Boarding and Pastoral Committee, the Investment Committee and the Nominations Committee. There are detailed terms of reference for each of these Committees.