Jobs & Volunteers

Jobs  & Volunteers - The Richard Whiteley Theatre needs your help!

We are continually looking to build our team of volunteers who are willing to work at some of our events as Front of House staff. This would give you the opportunity to see exciting pieces of film, theatre, art and music for free! In return all we ask is that you be enthusiastic about the arts and are prepared to give us a few hours of your time each month.


We are extremely fortunate to have a fantastic team of volunteers at the Richard Whiteley Theatre. Without them we wouldn’t be able to operate our front-of-house service which includes the box office, bar, tickets and seating, not forgetting the job that everyone likes to do – selling ice cream! Our volunteer team is currently made up of members of the local community, staff, pupils and parents past and present. This is what they have to say about being a volunteer:


“Volunteering gives me access to things I really want to see, as well as introducing me to new shows.”


“It’s great to work alongside a team of such enthusiastic volunteers.”


“It’s a fabulous community resource and I enjoy putting something back (however indirectly) into the community.”


We are always very excited to hear from new people interested in working with us, particuarly if you can bring experience with you in some way, shape or form. However there is always something for everyone, and a lack of experience is in no way a limiting factor.


Please fill in the form below if you think you would be interested in volunteering, and someone will be in touch soon. Alternatively you can contact us by phone on: 01729 893180, or via e-mail at: