Record breaking Sports Day

Perfect conditions clearly brought out the best in our pupils on Sports Day this year with an impressive four records broken in the boys and girls events. Passion, pride, skill and steely determination won the day alongside a true spirit of participation and teamwork across the Houses and year groups. 



Minor Boys Winners


100m - S Holden (B) 12.9sec

200m - S Holden (B) 28.3sec

400m - J Lopez Gomez (M) 67.2sec

800m - J Lopez Gomez (M) 2:42.4min

1500m - A Lampkin (M) 5:54.7min

Long Jump - S Eastell (B) 4.13m

High Jump - J Lopez Gomez (M) 1.30m

Shot Put - M Healing (C) 9.95m

Javelin - H Cook (M) 17.6m

4 x 100m - Bowland 57.4sec



Minor Girls Winners


100m - K Wright (C) 13.9sec

200m - E Warburton (B) 31.6sec

300m - E Hutchinson (C) 49.3sec

800m - H Gaynor (M) 2:52.2min

Long Jump - K Wright (C) 4.02m

High Jump - J Nitzsche-Caton (B) 1.20m

Shot Put - E Warburton (B) 7.97m

Javelin - E Hutchinson (C) 19.02m

4 x 100m - Craven 62.1sec



Junior Boys Winners


100m - M Raynor (M) 12.8sec

200m - M Raynor (M) 28.8sec

400m - K Tse (M) 69.5sec

800m - A Alton (M) 2:33.5min

1500m - A Alton (M) 5:23.8min

80m Hurdles - N Delailomaloma (S) 14.7sec

Long Jump - M Raynor (M) 4.89m

High Jump - N Delailomaloma (S) 1.49m

Triple Jump - K Tse (M) 7.97m

Shot Put - N Delailomaloma (S) 10.19m

Discus - A Renwick (M) 15.77m

Javelin - S Truscott (P) 15.94m

4 x 100m - Morrison 56.4sec



Junior Girls Winners


100m - S Robinson (S) 13.6sec

200m - L Morse (C) 29.7sec

300m - K Bagshaw (S) 49.5sec

800m - M Bratt (C) 2:56.6min

75m Hurdles - E Cummins (S) 14.3sec

Long Jump - M Humphries (C) 3.80m

High Jump - K Bagshaw (S) 1.25m

Shot Put - P Stapleton (S) 7.38m

Discus - A Fry (C) 16.29m

Javelin - M Scott (S) 18.35m

4 x 100m - Style A 57.1sec



Intermediate Boys Winners


100m - C Moore (P) 12.5sec

200m - C Moore (P) 24.9sec

400m - J Hutchinson (N) 55.4sec

800m - J Hutchinson (N) 2:08.7min

1500m - H Vyse (S) 5:16.9min

100m Hurdles - W Robinson (M) 17.0sec

Long Jump - H Tankard (P) 4.82m

High Jump - W Robinson (M) 1.59m

Triple Jump - W Robinson (M) 10.10m

Shot Put - S Orenga de Gaffory (M) 10.12m

Discus - T Atkinson (P) 25.14m

Javelin - G Huber (P) 27.15m

4 x 100m - Paley 52.2sec



Senior Girls Winners


100m - A Cornelius (C) 13.5sec

200m - M Rockliffe-King (C) 28.7sec

300m - E Hutchinson (C) 44.0sec

800m - E Hutchinson (C) 2:37.1min

Open 1500m - E Hutchinson (C) 5:38.3min

80m Hurdles - S Baker-Jones (C) 14.1sec

Long Jump - S Baker-Jones (C) 4.76m

High Jump - M Rockliffe-King (C) 1.26m

Open Triple Jump - S Baker-Jones (C) 9.51m

Shot Put - E Crossley-Smith (S) 7.89m

Discus - S Campbell (S) 19.86m

Javelin - M Rockliffe-King (C) 28.05m

4 x 100m - Carr A 55.6sec



Senior Boys Winners


100m - R Hodgson (S) 11.9sec

200m - R Hodgson (S) 24.3sec

400m - C Smith (P) 56.1sec

800m - E Brennan (M) 2:08.2min

Open Mile - E Brennan (M) 4:30.2min

110m Hurdles - G Gao (N) 20.5sec

Long Jump - G Gao (N) 5.42m

High Jump - L Endres (M) 1.60m

Triple Jump - C Smith (P) 12.18m

Shot Put - A Hudson (P) 10.68m

Discus - J Brook (N) 26.51m

Javelin - G Magell (N) 38.94m

4 x 100m - Shute 48.7sec

4 x 400m - Paley 4:11.2min



New Records


Minor Boys 100m

Previous record: G Daws - 13.3sec, 2009

New record: S Holden -12.9sec, 2018


Minor Girls Shot Put

Previous record: M Allen - 7.15m, 2015

New record: E Warburton - 7.97m, 2018


Senior Girls Javelin

Previous record: K Stevenson - 26.89m, 2016

New record: S Baker-Jones - 27.20m, 2018

New record: M Rockliffe-King - 28.05m, 2018


Open Boys Mile

Previous record: J Todd - 4:30.20, 1973

New record: E Brennan - 4:30.16, 2018



Victor Ludorum


Minor Boys - J Lopez Gomez (M)

Junior Boys - M Raynor (M) / Nelson Delailomaloma (S)

Intermediate Boys - W Robinson (M)

Senior Boys - E Brennan (M)


Victrix Ludorum


Minor Girls - Emily Hutchinson (C) / Eleanor Warburton (B)

Junior Girls - Katie Bagshaw (S)

Senior Girls - Maddie Rockliffe-King (C)



House Winners


Minor Boys & Girls - Craven

Junior Boys - Morrison

Junior Girls - Carr

Senior Boys - Shute

Senior Girls - Carr


Tug of War Winners


Boys - Morrison

Girls - Style