Sixth Form Profiles


“There is such a range of things to do at Giggleswick and there’s something for you no matter what kind of person you are. I am very musical and I got a lot of support with that. You can also try new things like taekwondo - you never know what you could end up getting involved with. There’s so many subjects to choose from too and they are all taught in different ways. The teachers make everything so interesting and they are really helpful. The smaller sets in sixth form mean the teaching is tailored to you.”



"The sixth form lectures and departmental trips inspired my ambition. We had an OG talking about Environmental Biology which sparked my interest and motivated me to set my standards high in my chosen field. I also got a lot out of the trips. The Alps trip was so well organised. It was great for a range of abilities and I got really into the technical side of mountaineering." 


"Life at Gigg is not just going to a lesson, leave, go and do your homework. There is a lot of emphasis on managing your time in order to study effectively. It prepared me well for a degree. You are so busy, so time management between academic and co-curricular is a key skill."


A Levels
History, Biology and Chemistry


Head of School, Academic Scholar, CCF - Head of CCF contingent and Colour Sergeant, Cross-Country, Shooting, Mountaineering and taught Science Club to Years 7 & 8



"The School has provided me with so many opportunities, especially in Music. I was in the Choir and captain of Schola, which is for music scholars. I liked Schola because the standard was so high. It has really improved my singing ability and has challenged me, forcing me to work to deadlines. We performed at Ripon Cathedral, York Minster and Durham Cathedral. We also enjoyed lots of trips including watching the Halle Orchestra play in Manchester.


India is now studying Music at university and then plans to do a PGCE course to become a teacher. While at Giggleswick she worked at a local school as a teaching assistant and helped on the Summer Courses here at Giggleswick School. She also worked with disadvantaged children running music therapy sessions.


"The best thing about Giggleswick is it has so much to offer. As well as music, sport is great at Giggleswick and I found taking part in drama productions really enjoyable and rewarding. It’s always really fun and a great way to make friends. There is also a lot of additional support available. Teachers always offer clinics outside of lessons to help with your studies. In fact it’s not just to help with your studies, I meet with my Music teacher to get help with my personal statement for my university application.


Giggleswick is not just a school but a community. In the House it's nice because everyone gets along, even with a big range of ages. When I was younger, having older pupils on hand was great, I looked up to them and they looked after me."


A Levels

Music, Theatre Studies, German



Captain of Schola, Choir, Drama


“My rugby has really improved at Giggleswick. I joined Yorkshire Carnegie Rugby since moving to Giggleswick. On top of school rugby training I also have training over at Leeds during the week. The have been really supportive in allowing me to pursue this. I really look up to former Giggleswick pupil Taylor Prell who is a member of the first team at Yorkshire Carnegie and a professional rugby player. He came here for sixth form and has gone on to achieve great things in the game, I find that inspiring.


I‘ve learned lots of individual skills, developed team skills, learned about game management and also how to act off the field – how you present yourself, how you treat your team mates and how you behave. My people skills have improved through rugby and I’ve enjoyed the social. We have lectures on nutrition and diet, what to eat, what not to eat, how to look after yourself. We also have two strength and conditioning sessions every week lead by members of staff from Leeds Beckett University. They introduce us to new exercises and show us how to do exercises correctly. They make time in the sessions to speak to us individually to help us work on specifics."








“Everything is here for you, which has made it easy for me to focus on my A-Levels and get involved in all the co-curricular activities too. I have never had to turn something down because I can’t find the time to do it. You build your work around the different clubs and being here has taught me to manage my time and made me more organised. Gigg has matured me and set me up to work for myself and not because someone is telling me to do it. I’m self-motivated now and feel well prepared for university.”


A Levels

Biology, Chemistry, Maths


Rugby, Clarinet (Young Musician of the Year), Band


Dan received two A’s and an A* for his A Levels. He is now on his Erasmus year in the USA and will attend Birmingham University in 2017 to read Medicine.


"After my GCSEs, the school offered me an Art and Design award and scholarship for the Sixth Form, and I studied Art, Design and Mathematics at A Level. I know that I have been very lucky to spend five fantastic years at Giggleswick. I have so many friends for life and I will also stay in touch with many members of staff who have helped me and got to know me during my time at Giggleswick. I have learnt a huge amount, obviously academically but also about myself and the person I want to be. I have come out a far more confident, well rounded young man and I can thoroughly recommend the experience.”


I loved my time in the UK. Apart from making great friends and great memories I also had some fantastic opportunities through school. I completed my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award training, I became Head of Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and I had the privilege of playing first team hockey and football as well as representing the school in athletics and climbing at a high level. I didn’t even know I was sporty before I went to Giggleswick!


A Levels

Art, Design, Economics, Mathematics



Praepostor, Head of CCF, House Senior, International Student Council, 1st Team Basketball, 1st Team Hockey, 1st Team Football


Kenny is currently studying Architecture at Newcastle University.


“Sport is my passion and Gigg was great for giving me the time to balance my sport and my academic studies. I managed to fit in all my athletics training, hockey and netball and I also enjoyed singing and achieved my Grade 8. At Giggleswick I learnt to manage my time, be organised and I gained confidence too, which has really helped on the athletics track when all eyes are on you.”


“I’ve tried so many things at Giggleswick I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s shown me if you put the time in, you can get so much out of life.”


“The atmosphere at Gigg is great; the teachers make learning fun and are there to support and encourage you in whatever you want to do. Gigg was great for me because I love sport and there was a really good balance between lessons and time for my sport too.”


“The atmosphere at Gigg is great; the teachers make learning fun and are there to support and encourage you in whatever you want to do. Gigg was great for me because I love sport and there was a really good balance between lessons and time for my sport too.”