Junior Courses


7 – 10 years


Tennis Academy *FULL*

Week 1 (15 - 19 July 2019) & Week 2 (22 - 26 July 2019) *FULL*


Our tennis courses are open to all abilities, from complete beginners to the most capable of players. With personal and small group instruction from professional LTA coaches, players can expect to have plenty of fun and make excellent progress on this first class course. Our facilities include hard courts, indoor courts and grass courts.

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Multi-activities and Adventure

Week 1 (15 - 19 July 2019)


Holidays should be a time for friends and fun, and here’s a chance to challenge yourself with our exhilarating Multi-Activity and Adventure course. Every day is different with new activities to try each day of the week. Activities are designed to build communication skills, self-confidence and promote teamwork, through team activities, problem solving, racket sports and outdoor adventure.

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Science Explorers *FULL*

Week 2 (22 - 26 July 2019) *FULL*


Explore the worlds of Biology, Chemistry and Physics with our exciting Science Explorers course. Launch your own rocket, learn what life might be like on Mars, experiment with colours and create your own bath bombs. Enjoy the history of scientific discoveries and look to the future to discover what kind of scientist you will be.

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Creative Art

Week 3 (12 - 16 August 2019)


Our talented art teachers will inspire your creative ideas and help you develop new skills. You will be working with a wide range of materials and learn to use them in innovative and expressive ways. You will learn and try many techniques including experimental drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics in the inspiring setting of our Glover Art Studio.

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Cooking and Crafts *FULL*

Week 4 (19 - 23 August 2019) *FULL*


Creativity and cooking go hand and in hand so whether you are a budding young master chef or simply love getting creative, this is the course for you. You will bake, cook and decorate your way through a variety of culinary treats before trying your hand at different crafty projects leaving you with things to take home that are as individual as you.

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Golf Academy

Week 4 (19 - 23 August 2019)


Learn from golf professionals both on the practice ground and on our course in the stunning setting of our school. Whether you are a complete beginner or a budding professional, our expert instructors will cover all aspects of the game. You will be able to practice new techniques in a variety of settings and try some different courses too.

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