Term Dates

Term dates for 2017 and 2018

Autumn Term 2017
New international pupils arrive          
Sunday 03 September
New pupils and boarders arrive
Monday 04 September
Term starts
Tuesday 05 September (boarders arrive Monday 04 September)
1st Exeat
Friday 29 September (1330) to Sunday 01 October (2100)
Singing and Speaking competition
Saturday 21 October (1900)
Half Term
Sunday 22 October (0900) to Sunday 05 November (2100)
2nd Exeat
Friday 24 November (1330) to Sunday 26 November (2100)
Term ends
Friday 15 December
Easter Term 2018
Term starts                                       Wednesday 10 January (boarders arrive Tuesday 09 January)
1st Exeat Friday 26 January (1330) to Sunday 28 January (2100)
Half Term Friday 09 February (1330) to Sunday 18 February (2100)
Spring Concert Friday 23 March (1900)
Term ends Saturday 24 March (0900)
Summer Term 2018
Term starts                               
Wednesday 18 April (boarders arrive Tuesday 17 April)
1st Exeat
Friday 04 May (1330) to Sunday 06 May (2100)
Speech Day Saturday 26 May (0945)
Half Term
Saturday 26 May (1600) to Sunday 03 June (2100)
Leavers Service and Ball Friday 22 June (1700)
2nd Exeat  Friday 22 June (1330) to Sunday 24 June (2100)
Term ends
Thursday 05 July (1130)
Autumn Term 2018
New international pupils arrive Monday 03 September
New pupils and boarders arrive Tuesday 04 September
Term starts Wednesday 05 September
1st Exeat Friday 28 September (1330) to Sunday 30 September (2100)
Singing and Speaking competition Saturday 20 October (19:00)
Half Term Sunday 21 October (0900) to Sunday 04 November (2100)
2nd Exeat Friday 23 November (1330) to Sunday 25 November (2100)
Term ends
Friday 14 December (1300)

We would ask all parents for their co-operation in ensuring that travel arrangements and family holiday plans do not encroach on teaching or activity time. Any request for arrival/departure at times other than those stated above should be made directly to Neil Gemmell, School Master.


On return from Exeats and holidays the boarding Houses are open from 1700 onwards. Should you wish to bring your sons or daughters back earlier than this time, please would you contact his or her Housemaster or Housemistress to discuss individual arrangements.


Boarders in Year 7 and Year 8 must return to Catteral for 2000 at the end of each Exeat or holiday. Pupils in Years 9 and above must return in time for 2100 at the latest.


Please note:

  • Exeats will begin on Fridays at 13:30.
  • Parents’ Conferences will be scheduled to start at 13:30 and will be held in The Pavilion unless otherwise stated.
  • Parents and guardians are warmly invited to all events listed above. Those attending the Singing & Speaking Competition and the Spring Concert may take their sons and daughters home after these events.
  • The summer half term commences with Speech Day, the highlight of the school’s year. As well as Prize Giving in the morning all pupils are involved in exhibitions and events throughout the afternoon. All parents and guardians are invited to attend.
  • Please note that due to limited space in Chapel, the Carol Service is open to parents of Year 7 and U6th form pupils only.
  • The 2nd Exeat of the Summer term may begin at 17:00 for some pupils, particularly those in Y11, L6th or U6th, depending on their public examination timetables.