The Giggleswick Learner

Our Learner Profile defines the character that we encourage in our pupils to give them the very best opportunities beyond school.



Actively enquiring

Nurturing enquiring minds is at the heart of life and learning at Giggleswick and pupils are encouraged to be questioning, curious and creative in their thinking. We stretch minds, fire imaginations and give every subject a sense of adventure and discovery.


Adept and accomplished

Our academic standards are high and we embrace all levels of ability and talents, supporting each pupil to achieve the very best they can. We encourage ambition and achievement of every kind, whether it's in the classroom, in sport or in artistic impression.


Tolerant and compassionate

Giggleswick is renowned for its happy, caring and supportive community. We encourage our pupils to develop a keen sense of responsibility and an inclusive attitude towards each other.


Aspirational and spirited

At Giggleswick, everyone is encouraged to take part and throw energy into everything they do. We focus on the individual and their passions to inspire their learning and achievements.


Innovative and original

Initiative, creativity and self-expression informs every aspect of life at the school and we encourage every child to be imaginative and original.


Dynamic and enterprising

We encourage children to be positive and pro-active, taking responsibility at an early age, caring for others and becoming confident independent learners.


Tenacious and positive

At Giggleswick pupils discover just how much they can achieve with determination on their side. Each child is encourage to aim high, be adventurous and move out of their safe zone.


Confident not arrogant

We place particular emphasis on personal and social development, building confidence, character and a strong sense of responsibility to give each child the best start in life.