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Les Misérables achieves rave reviews

Les Mis 1

Review for Les Misérables written by local theatre critic Gill O’Donnell


There is so much to praise in this show that it is very difficult to know where to begin, however the real credit must surely go to the school itself in ensuring that its students are exposed to such a wide range of theatrical and musical experiences that they are not only inspired by them, but become sufficiently astute to be able to analyse them to such a degree that they can then use that knowledge to inform their own work. It is very much to the students' credit that they then are able to aspire to not only performing at such a high level but to be sufficiently confident to know that it is possible to exceed the performances they observe.


The whole team involved in this show are very clearly enthusiastic and motivated by a desire to produce an entertainment which is polished to a professional standard. On every level they succeed in this ambition. This is such a stunning production that not only does it reinvigorate what is by now an extremely well-known show it also makes you fall in love with it once more. That it is an amateur production is something which you completely forget: that it is an amateur production by school pupils is something which never even registers while watching it.


The standard of playing by the orchestra is also very apparent with faultless solos to underscore more poignant moments in the action. The set is a fantastic creation with every inch of the acting space utilised perfectly and tremendous thought being given to the overall shape of the show, the simplicity of "Children of the Barricades" following the horrific battle sequence being a case in point.


This was on every level a powerful and outstanding show with great pace, thought and an amazing level of teamwork. Congratulations doesn't begin to express the joy it brought to the audience.


To see photos of the production click here.


Les Mis 2

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