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Giggleswick vows not to increase fees amidst Labour's VAT policy 

If Labour wins the upcoming General Election, it intends to remove the VAT exemption on independent school fees – adding 20% onto the cost. 

At the end of Spring term, we announced the decision to parents and staff not to increase our school fees should the Labour Party come into power later this year. The potential savings for our parents are substantial. For an average boarder, this would equate to an annual saving of approximately £8,000.  

Headmaster, Sam Hart, explained, “Considering the potential changes in the political landscape, we recognise the importance of doing everything within our power to shield our parents and pupils from significant increases in fees. In doing so, we remain wholly committed to maintaining the quality and breadth of our educational and pastoral offering.  

By deciding not to pass the VAT cost onto parents, we hope to provide reassurance and support during these uncertain times.” 

Sibling allowance

To support families with more than one child in the school we offer the following sibling allowance scheme:

  • 1st sibling receives a 5% fee remission.
  • 2nd sibling receives a 10% fee remission.

Financial assistance

Giggleswick is a charitable foundation that has always sought to help remove the financial barriers that stand in the way of children joining our school. Through our scholarship and bursary schemes we are keen that children are able to join us on the basis of their ability and potential, irrespective of their parents’ ability to pay.


Bursary awards are intended for lower income families and are available to help those parents and guardians who would not normally be able to afford the full fees. This helps ensure that pupils at Giggleswick School are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

All bursaries are means-tested. A child must have an offer of a place to join us before applying for a bursary. The level of bursary awarded depends upon the degree of assistance required. This is assessed upon a declaration of income and assets and will be reassessed annually.

Other sources of financial assistance

Giggleswick School encourages parents and guardians to consider applying for support from other organisations which provide assistance with school fees. Further information is available from the Bursar.