The school celebrates the achievements of nearly 5,000 Old Giggleswickians (OGs) who are spread across 52 countries, with over 3,000 in the UK alone.  Even after leaving, OGs know they will always be welcome to come back and we love to hear about OG news and share developments at the School.  OGs know that they are part of a supportive network for life and that we are grateful for their contribution to the School and those pupils who come after them.

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We keep in touch through our annual journal, Gigg:News, and through social media platforms, as well as a busy calendar of social events providing the opportunity to network and reminisce, culminating in the annual reunion at school on OG Day. The next OG Day will take place on Saturday 18th September. 

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Gigg:News 2020

OG Committee

The Old Giggleswickian Committee exists to manage the affairs of the OG Club. We meet each term and work closely with the school to ensure that the interests of all OGs are best served by our events and communications. New members are always welcome, if you are interested in joining us on the committee please contact Neil Ratcliffe by email.

President Gary Hartley (Carr, 1980)
President Elect Nick Westhead (Paley, 1983)
Immediate Past President Mark Ehlinger (Carr, 1975)
Honorary Treasurer Dina Pejcinovic (Nowell, 1984)
Honorary Secretary Neil Ratcliffe (Paley, 1994)
Chairman John Edwards (Carr, 1986)
Committee Bob Drake (Paley, 1964)
Nick Jefferies (Carr, 1970)
Phoebe Lebrecht (Style, 2008)
Hugh Massey (Carr, 1970)
Mark Percival (Morrison, 1988)
Richard Warburton (Morrison, 1977)
Mark Turnbull Headmaster