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"I intend to leave after my death, a large fund for the promotion of the peace idea, but I am skeptical as to the results!" Alfred Nobel

Imagine Giggleswick today if, in the 1490s James Carr had not given his life to teaching and building at his own expense "one gramer scole" on the garth of the ancient church of St Alkelda; or if John Nowell had not later endowed the school and petitioned King Edward VI in 1553, endowing it with lands at Acaster near York.

Imagine Giggleswick today if George Style had not invested his own income in the development of the "new" science block and then if Walter Morrison had not been "minded to build the school a chapel on the rock above the school”.

Imagine too, Giggleswick today if Norman Sharpe, Mr Partridge and Richard Whiteley had not bequeathed sums to the school which now shape its fabric. The Shute Scholars would not benefit from the unique education that the school offers and generations of pupils would never have enjoyed the fascination of hearing Sir Alex Ferguson, Lord Bragg or Arch-Bishop Sentamu at the Glover Memorial lectures.

Now imagine Giggleswick in the future, after a gift in your Will.

Be part of our story

"I’ve met many people since leaving Gigg’ who simply were not fortunate enough to have had such a rich experience at school. After Giggleswick I was able to read Earth Sciences at Oxford and following that a Ph.D. in Land Surface Modelling and Remote Sensing at University College London. Pursuing a career as a scientist, my research is into the impact of climate change. Post-doctoral research in Paris and the United States has found me reflecting recently that I simply would not be where I am today without the support of my teachers and opportunities that were available at Giggleswick.

Giggleswick's staff provided us with a supportive network that led us to really believe that we could achieve, and strongly encouraged us to do so.  Of course, the quality of teaching helped me to attain high grades, but it is not necessarily the case that good grades alone are the key to succeeding in life - the personal and emotional support were essential. Giggleswick provided us with a homely, comfortable, fun and secure boarding environment. This undoubtedly provided the framework with which I could pursue my studies, and the wide range of extra-curricular activities broadened my perspective and led me to become a really balanced individual. 

I will always be grateful for my time at Giggleswick and continue to carry with me many fond memories and valuable lessons that have helped to shape the course of my life.  I hope that I can return that in some way in a positive direction in the years ahead."  

Natasha, 2002

Our commitment to you

We appreciate how important this gift is to you and understand that there will be many things in your personal circumstances that you need to consider when making a gift in your Will.

We would like you to know that we are committed to using your gift efficiently and, as directed by you, with care and the utmost respect and sensitivity. If it is right to do so we would very much like to involve you in the conversation as to how your legacy may be used to the long term benefit of the school.

We understand that the contents of your Will are a private matter. However, should you wish to let us know of your intention to leave a gift to Giggleswick School Foundation, we would like to thank you for your support. To show our appreciation, we invite those who have pledged a gift in their Will to become members of the 1512 Society, which holds special events at the school each year and keeps its members up to date with developments at the school. 

What to do next

  • If you have decided to make a gift to Giggleswick in your Will and would like to discuss it in confidence, please complete the form below.
  • We are grateful if you would submit the Pledge Form as this is helpful to us and we would not wish your commitment to go unrecognised; however this is not a formal requirement.
  • It is always advisable to consult a solicitor when making or amending a will. You may wish to have your solicitor witness a codicil and to lodge a Letter of Wishes with the Will.  

Please note, these are guidelines for your support.

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