The Giggleswick Diploma

‘Ambition, Respect and Participation’ is at the heart of our new diploma launched to reward the all-round achievements of our pupils. The Giggleswick Diploma will recognising each child’s efforts in the classroom, their academic progress and their participation and development in co-curriculum activities. 

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Headmaster, James Mundell, explains more

"All children take part Giggleswick Foundation Diploma which fully embodies our aims and values. The diploma will accredit pupils for their participation, efforts and progress focusing on the areas of academic, CAS (Creative, Active, Service) and enrichment.

These use school reports, credits, progress data, and importantly, the service and commitments pupils show in and outside school to help calculate their overall performance.

The Diploma is awarded at the end of Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 (with the first level diploma bridging pre-school and our first years at Junior School) at Pass, Merit and Distinction levels."