Performing arts

Children continually have opportunities to excel in performing arts. 2 hours of Performing Arts (Music and Drama) each week develops their confidence and nurture lifelongs skills. Music lessons are based on the Dalcroze Eurythmic approach. This teaches concepts of rhythm, structure, and musical expression using movement. It focuses on allowing the children to gain physical awareness and experience of music through training that takes place through all of the senses, particularly kinesthetic.

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We also encourage pupils to compose and perform their own music in small groups, promoting team building skills, and making the most of our own well-resourced music school. Individual, class and ensemble performances make up the core of our regular concerts and performances in the RWT.

We hold an annual Performing Arts Festival, incorporating drama and ballet, with a variety of classes for the children to take part in. One of our biggest events in the calendar is our drama production in our school theatre involving all pupils from Y3-6, incorporating state of the art sound equipment, make up and costume, fabulous set designs, and a live orchestra to accompany them!

The school also runs optional ballet classes with a specialist teacher for pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 once a week as part of the enrichment programme, following the ISTD scheme. Pupils have the opportunity to perform at a number of school events in the theatre.