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Greetings from the ever beautiful Yorkshire Dales and welcome to the Giggleswick Virtual School. Being unable to access our fantastic campus and facilities should not be a barrier to enjoying the Giggleswick learning experience. 

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Learning from home does not mean learning in isolation, and our teachers are  on hand throughout to guide pupils  with live teaching whilst also providing daily wellbeing support. Our aim is to ensure that we continue to develop the Giggleswick learner wherever our pupils may be, through a range of enrichment activities inside and outside of the Virtual School. At times of great uncertainty feeling a part of the wider Giggleswick community is a great support to us all. 

Live lessons

Our pupils enjoy a structured timetable of live lessons through our Virtual School platform, Microsoft Teams. All lessons are delivered and monitored by our own staff, straight to each child’s home, taking pressure away from parents and ensuring all subjects are covered with no loss of learning. All lessons are supplemented by a range of learning tasks that are tailored to meet the needs of each child. At the end of each day, we hold form and prep sessions which give our teachers further opportunity to support each child’s academic progress. 

Enrichment activities

Our individual music lessons continue to be delivered covering a range of instruments, such as guitar, violin, cello, drumming, saxophone, and singing. In Key Stage 2, our pupils continue to access our CAS (Creative, Active, Service) programme, with live Outdoor Pursuits lessons with our Head of OP, Oliver Roberts, an Eco Club led by Carl Shuttleworth, and a Performing Arts group led by our Head of Music, Liobhan Boylan. Philosophy for Children is delivered by our form staff each week, to develop higher-order, critical thinking skills; and our Friday Achievers’ Assembly enables the whole school to celebrate the success of the week, with virtual certificates awarded to the children.

Wellbeing & keeping connected

The wellbeing of our children remains a priority during the Virtual School. Live lessons have enabled continued interaction and support between the children and encourage a continued sense of community. Daily form times at the start of each day, offer support, reassurance and guidance. We continue to provide Pupil Progress Reports each half-term to update parents on their child’s attitude to learning and engagement in the Virtual School. Parents are also encouraged to email staff and online meetings can be arranged if required.

*Created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Virtual School only operates during national lockdowns or any other circumstances that requires schools to close.

What do our parents think?

“My children are finding the online live lessons absolutely brilliant. In comparison to our experience with their previous school during the first lockdown, it's like the difference between night and day. Giggleswick are doing a fantastic job and my children are really seeing that you are going the extra mile!”

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