Virtual Learning

Our Junior School pupils enjoyed a structured timetable of lessons and activities delivered through Microsoft Teams, our Virtual School platform. Parents had the chance to use the resources with flexibility or to provide a clear structure across the week, which were led, delivered and monitored by our own staff straight to each child’s home.

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Timetable of core subjects

Each year group had its own timetable with four sessions each day, which included video tutorials produced by our staff covering core subject areas in the morning and all our usual foundation subject across the week with our specialist teachers. These were supplemented by a range of learning tasks tailored to meet the needs of each child, continuing their learning from the previous term and delivering the curriculum content that prepared them for the next academic year.

"The amount of work seemed to be pitched perfectly, along with the content. The effort from all the school in getting the Virtual School to such a level is really appreciated!"

Enrichment activities 

Further enrichment content was provided from staff in areas such as cooking, ballet and sport, as well Headteacher vlogs and a variety of mindfulness and wellbeing resources, to help support your child. 

Junior School virtual learning timetable

Keeping in touch

Using the online chat functions, our staff helped the children with feedback and signposted additional resources and content to enable academic stretch. Class and group video tasks allowed continued interaction and support between the children and encouraged a continued sense of community.

Our form teachers made regular check-in calls to provide a familiar face through the week and offer support, reassurance and guidance in their studies. It was an important opportunity for the children to share the work they had been given too. Our teachers were on hand to continue to deliver essential pastoral support.

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all your preparation, this morning was a really smooth start and he seems to be engaging really well in the new learning platform. Huge thanks to you for making it so seamless."