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10 great reasons why adults are off to summer school

Friday 2 Jun 2017

Summer school isn’t just for children.


We believe that grown-ups too need time to nourish mind, body and spirit and have teamed up with lifestyle consultant Leslie Lockyear to offer a special ‘Wellness Week’ summer school retreat.


Leslie explains “There’s so much interest around wellness at the moment, it is really no surprise that busy people are looking to take time out to improve their inner quality of life.”


Leslie, who is based near Milnthorpe, suggested 10 great reasons why we should all be taking an interest in wellness and following the trend to book on to a retreat.


1. Mindful or mind full?

A basic which any good wellbeing course or retreat will address.

We all need strategies as modern life piles on the demands and a retreat or day course offers the perfect environment to reflect and consider how to deal with daily stresses and demands. It offers time to focus on yourself.


2. Would love to eat more healthily but don’t know how? 

There is a lot of information out there on healthy eating, but what is a fad and what makes sense?

Food expert Kate Chaytor-Norris from Nutrition Yorkshire, based near Darlington, is running sessions at Giggleswick’s wellness week, examining how the body works, how it responds to a 21st century environment and what can be done for optimum health.


3. Prevention is better than cure

Wellness is holistic and a course can help reflect on many different aspects of life.

Leslie said “Learn how to prevent illness through a healthier lifestyle and give your children the tools to do the same - it’s never too late to start. Making changes can be very difficult, but the support and information offered on a retreat is a very powerful motivator.”


4. Learn how to increase flexibility, reduce injury risk, and improve posture, balance and strength

Physical wellbeing and fitness are essential to good health.

Look for a retreat where all levels are catered for in an inspirational way.

“A session with Balancore Health will connect Pilates principles with cardiovascular fitness, diet and mindful change techniques to help everyone look after their body, whatever their level of fitness.”


5. Unleash your creative side

Creativity has a part in any wellness course and professional artist Sophie Lockyear advises learning the basics to develop confidence in expressing your creative side.

She said “All it needs is a little guidance to get started and so much positivity can come from expressing yourself through art.”


6. Connect with your inner self through mindful yoga

Meditation and yoga have been practised for hundreds of years and are fantastic ways of living life in the present moment and deepening understanding of self.

Lisa Milnor, of Shaping Clarity, will run a day’s course at the Giggleswick event incorporating mindfulness and yoga.


7. Take healthy eating to the next level

A course should give all the basics in healthy eating, but look for an experience which provides some hands-on cookery and recipes for putting it into practice.

Students should come away with a host of recipes and tips, but as a quick idea to incorporate better eating into everyday lives, Kate Chaytor-Norris suggests adding organic, milled flax seed to your food to boost gut wellbeing. 

“It’s delicious on porridge or yoghurt, or try adding it into casseroles and soups,” said Kate.


8. Enjoying nature

Reconnecting with the natural environment is essential to wellbeing and obviously the prettier the surroundings the better, which makes Giggleswick with its stunning Yorkshire Dales setting an ideal place for a course like this.

However, a mindful walk around any green space can help boost the feel-good factor.


9. Breathe!

Try simple relaxation techniques to deal with stress and tension. Pilates, yoga and meditation all include ways of breathing which will bring a sense of grounding and reconnecting.

Charlotte from Balancore Health explains “Stand up tall, relax the shoulders and close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and exhale gently through the mouth. Do this three times whenever you feel you need to take a moment.”


10. Take time to revitalise your health and wellbeing

Courses and retreats are designed to introduce various tools and techniques for a happier, healthier lifestyle. Take time to discover which work for you and can be incorporated into daily life leading to long term healthier habits.


The school’s Wellness Week runs from August 7-11 and is available as a five-day residential or day attendance summer course, or sign up for individual sessions.