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Are you wearing your shoulders as earrings?

Friday 2 Jun 2017


Are you "wearing your shoulders as earrings"? Charlotte from Balancore Health explains what to do to combat neck pain:

Neck pain is one of the most common joint conditions that can cause substantial disability (Hoy et al. 2014) and as well as sitting at a desk and driving, is often caused by stress. A simple awareness of your shoulder position is the first step to relieving stress-induced neck pain. Pushing the shoulders down towards the hips helps lengthen the neck and relieves the strain on the upper trapezius muscles.

Charlotte will running a Nutritional Therapy and Fitness and PIlates session during our Wellness Week on Wednesday 9 August as well as leading a Mindful Walking and Fitness session on Friday 11 August. Find out more about the sessions here and find out more about Balancore Health here