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Cadets hone their skills at CCF Camp 2018

Wednesday 11 Jul 2018


Our CCF cadets enjoyed a fantastic week at Warcop, taking part in a rescue of friendly hostages, an overnight exercise with a covert operation and a climate controlled final day on the water, building rafts and learning the basics of powerboating. Highlights of the week, voted for by the cadets, were TIBUA (Training in Built-up Areas), watermanship and the overnight exercise. 

In the TIBUA exercise, two platoons of Giggleswick CCF were tasked with the rescue of a friendly hostage (Flt Lt Wigfield) from inside Warcop Hall. Cadets ‘stacked up’ then fought through the potentially chaotic environment of a darkened, smoke filled house, neutralising the terrorists as they cleared each room, one floor at a time. Our cadets then took to the water, learning how to build improvised rafts, which they then tested in a race, followed by some time learning the basics of powerboating. Once finished on the water they then explored a wide variety of old and foreign weapons provided by Leeds Royal Armouries.  

The overnight exercise was a covert operation where our two platoons were tasked with observing the training routine of a an aggressive cell known to operate in their area of responsibility. Hides needed to be made by 1 Platoon before two observations posts could provide top cover while 2 Platoon completed a thorough 360-degree close target recce of the enemy location. After a night under bashas in their harbour area and food from ration packs, Giggleswick CCF then proceeded to flush the operatives from the surrounding woodblocks using newly gained TWAF (Training in Woods and Forest) skills.

Cadets were privileged to be visited by Lt Col Murphy (CO 4YORKS) and his Adj Capt Lomax who were so impressed with the enthusiasm of our cadets that they have promised to support us with some interesting resources over the course of next year.   

Well done to all 55 cadets from years 10,11 and L6 who took part. Maj Saunders, OC of the camp, presented four awards to individuals, which were predominantly voted for by cadets. Congratulations to the following pupils:

Most Improved Cadet - Rosie Allenby

Best Junior - Jay Cafferkey

Best Senior - Sgt India Healing 

Best on Camp - Cpl Amber Healing, winner of the Stockdale Trophy.

Lt Col Richmond, said “I wish there was another week of school for staff to see the extent of positive change that camp has instilled in pupils. The biggest thing they get from camp is their ability to manage anxiety. So much of camp is unknown for cadets, but they all coped really, really well, every single one of them.”