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CCF cadets impress at annual inspection

Monday 4 Feb 2019

CCF cadets were visited by Lt Col Simon Giles from the Royal Marines on Friday 1st February for their annual inspection and dinner. This year, the Ministry of Defence changed their inspections of CCFs, to give a more rigorous review of the cadet experience and focus on how much is gained by taking part. Following parade each section split into their activities. These included a navigation and command task with the RAF section, attack and Platoon formations with the Army, aided by the Yorkshire Regiment Support Team, and section formations, observation and locating the enemy by the Royal Marines. Throughout the tasks Lt Col Giles engaged with the cadets to gain an insight into why they decided to take part and hear their opinions on CCF at Giggleswick.

Lt Col Giles expressed how impressed he was with the commitment of the cadets and how they maintained such high standards here through their weekly dedication to CCF at Giggleswick.

Cadet, Ed Morrow, said “We were all really proud to have received such great feedback. Even though it may take a few weeks for the full inspection report to be published, he assured us that his comments would be extremely complimentary.”

Contingent Commander, Darren Richmond, said “Col Giles was delighted at the commitment of our small team of staff and the retention of senior cadets. He also felt that our use of the extensive training estate would be the envy of many regular units.”

The CCF dinner was held later that evening, and yet again was a huge success. Cadets were able to speak more informally with Lt Col Giles and hear about his immensely successful career in 3 different commando units, whilst also learning to deal with failure and how he used it to drive his ambition.

Those cadets lucky enough to be adventure training in Scotland will have the chance for some specialist survival and battle training provided by Lt Col Giles and his elite team in April.