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Easter Revision Courses

Tuesday 13 Feb 2018

This Easter we will once again be hosting our popular revision courses for GCSE and A Level (AS and A2) subjects.


The wide range of courses are perfectly timed following on from the recent trial exams and the courses will run from April 3rd to 5th and April 10th to 12th.


This year will be offering a series of one, two and three day courses for a range of GCSE and A-level (AS & A2) subjects. Residential options are available and a free bus service for students travelling daily between Skipton and Kirkby Lonsdale.

Anna Wood, Assistant Head, Academic explained, “Thousands of students across the region will have received the results from their trial exams and now know their areas of weakness. By Easter they will be well on the revision journey and it’s the perfect time for some structured and supported study that could make all the difference.


“The courses are led by a highly qualified team of teaching staff, working in small study groups with plenty of individual attention and supervision for each student. It’s a great opportunity – whatever their current starting point − to hone and improve their revision and exam technique.”


With revision time on the horizon for thousands of students, here’s some of our starting point top tips:

  • Review questions that you struggle with and look back over how your work was marked and what suggestions were given to you.  Make sure you understand what you need to do, and if not remember to make a note so you can ask for advice.
  • Identify a method which worked for you and use it. To do this, see what methods you used for previous tests – do you remember lists, or would a spider diagram be more useful?
  • Make use of free apps such as ‘Quizlet’ to help memorise definitions in science.
  • Ensure you understand the structure of the exam – including how much time should be spent on each question.
  • Take advantage of any extra revision sessions organised by teachers.
  • Never underestimate a good revision plan. Plan to cover each topic at least a few times but also factor in time for relaxing with friends.

For more information about the revision courses and accompanying free minibus service from Skipton and Kirkby Lonsdale, please click here or phone 01729 893000.