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Examining ancient art

Monday 21 May 2018

Pupils on the Inspire and Aspire programmes were treated to a fascinating talk by art dealer Dino Tomasso and his researcher Elliot, on ‘how to research an artefact’. 

Dino and his two brothers run an art dealership specialising in ancient art and brought in a range of artefacts for everyone to examine, one of which was over 7000 years old. The pupils learned about the origins of each piece, the meaning behind them, how much they are potentially worth to customers and how they put the information together to sell them. He also talked about his life as an art dealer and how he developed his career in this specialist field.

Assistant Head, Academic, Anna Wood, said “It was great to welcome Dino and Elliot with their amazing artefacts. The opportunity to hold and inspect such interesting and valuable objects may well be a once in a life experience for our pupils. Dino’s talk was inspiring and showed how passionate and skilled he is as an art dealer. We felt honoured that he was able to dedicate so much of his precious time to be with us and we are excited at the prospect of visiting his gallery in Leeds.”

The Inspire and Aspire programmes were established to provide our academically gifted pupils in Years 7 to 11 with their own ‘club’ and provide them with opportunities that challenge, stimulate and encourage them to aspire for excellence. Coordinated by our Assistant Head, Academic, the group meets to discuss topics that one would not ordinarily find on a GCSE or even an A level syllabus.