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Fairy muddy puddle walk

Wednesday 12 Jun 2019


Children from Mill House and the Reception class prepared for their sponsored 'muddy puddle' walk to raise money for Save the Children.

The first job was to bake and decorate plenty of biscuits for themselves and their families. Next, the children put on their wellies and prepared to set off. Very quickly they realised that there were no puddles to be seen but the very excited Reception class had good news for their younger friends. The Queen of the Fairies had written a glittering letter and left sparkly clues for the children to follow and so, suddenly, our 'muddy puddle walk' became a search for fairies, elves and giants!

The children had a glorious time walking, running and exploring our beautiful school grounds following signs and clues in their quest to find a fairy and at the same time they raised lots of money for others. Thank you to everyone who supported us we have raised almost £200.