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Giggleswick is Top 20 school in the North

Wednesday 29 Nov 2017

We have been ranked in the top 20 independent secondary schools in the North of England in The Sunday Times’ annual Parent Power report.


Ranking 17th, the tables take in to consideration both A level and GCSE performance in summer 2017. Top grades carried higher weightings for the national newspaper as it compiled its list orders.


Headmaster Mark Turnbull welcomed the ranking, but explained that it did not paint a full picture of what a Giggleswick education was all about.


He said: “We are really pleased to be recognised for our academic standards and quality and to be higher in the rankings than many schools which we would consider to be our traditional competitors.


“We would, however, point out that education is not just about exam results. While we know that these are obviously important, so is loving what you do. We all know that happy students make successful learners and we focus on nurturing the individual and their personal interests to inspire their learning and achievements.


“Parents should always be cautious about league tables which are very blunt tools for assessing performance.  Education takes time. Children should be able to savour everything education provides, from the physics lab to the art room and sports fields. We aim to give children the time they need to think, explore, grow and achieve.”


We were placed within the prestigious top 300 list of independent schools nationally in the tables, which were published Sunday November 26.