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Giggling in Giggleswick for Happiness Day

Tuesday 20 Mar 2018

Our pupils have been putting the ‘giggle’ into Giggleswick School to celebrate International Day of Happiness today. They have come up with their favourite jokes to celebrate the day which aims to bring happiness to the top of the agenda for countries all over the world.


Not only do our students attend a school with laughter in its very name, but the Craven district of the Yorkshire Dales also tops the UK government’s official happy list. The area came top with a score of 8.45 on the happiness scale – a measure introduced in 2011 to help gauge national wellbeing. 


Mr Turnbull, Headmaster, said: “Living in a place called Giggleswick, we could hardly fail to be a joyful, upbeat, warm and fun community! We thought we’d celebrate International Day of Happiness by making each other laugh and came up with our favourite gags.” 


Students shared their funnies in house, then voted for their all-time top side-splitters, cheesy laughs and Christmas cracker favourites. Here’s a selection from each house:



When you were on your way to the airport, you saw a sign that said “Airport Left” so you turned around and went home. 



Did you hear about the guy who had his left leg and arm cut off? 

It’s ok, he’s all right now!



Morrison has decided to sell its vacuum cleaner ... all it was doing was collecting dust.



I started a dating app for chickens. Well I had to do something to make hens meet!



What did the drummer call his new baby twins? 

Anna 1, Anna 2



What do you call a pile of cats? 

A miaowntin.



There are three young farmers in a field, which one wants to be a chemist?

Farmer A, Farmer B, Farmer C.