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ISI Inspection success

Monday 14 Jan 2019


Further to the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Regulatory Compliance Inspection (RCI) in November, we were delighted to receive notification that all compliance standards have been met and that both our senior and junior schools have therefore passed. This compliance inspection focuses on procedures, policies and the National Minimum Standards for boarding schools and the outcome of the inspection is simply pass or fail.

In order to come to their judgement, the inspectors spent two days interviewing pupils, staff and governors, observing lessons, examining pupils' classwork, visiting houses and activities, and rigorously examining our policies, reporting and recording procedures. In addition, they looked at the responses to the parent, pupil and staff questionnaires that were sent out. Although not recorded in the report, the inspectors commented on how impressed they were with the proportion of people who chose to answer these questionnaires, and the overwhelmingly positive responses.

Mr Turnbull, Headmaster, said “Passing this inspection is a very positive result and credits the continued efforts that all the Giggleswick staff put into serving the interests of the children in our care. Thank you to all parents, guardians and staff who took time to respond and who made such supportive comments.”

Copies of all inspection reports can be found on our website here.