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New record run at Scarrig 2018

Saturday 24 Feb 2018

This year’s Scarrig took place on a bright and cold day, under beautiful blue skies, with fantastic views over the local countryside. All the races were great spectacles and the senior races were particular highlights with a new record set on the day. 


In the Senior Girls event Eve Hutchinson broke her own record by 3 seconds in a time of 14:50, with good runs by Charlotte Morris and Marisa Allen in second and third respectively. The Senior Boys race was particularly exciting with lots of changes in the top four places during the second part of the race. Charles Smith who had been leading the first lap by some way, before sustaining a recurrence of an old injury, was reeled in by Tom Humphries. However, by the time the boys came to the road crossing for the final time Michael Wright and Michael O’Shea had joined Tom. Michael O’Shea made a break in the final 600m to pull away from the other two to claim victory. 


It was good to see many parents and OGs staying to support runners after attending Phil Andrew’s Memorial Service in the morning. Pupils had had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the course earlier in the week, when conditions underfoot on parts of the course where very wet and muddy. Over the week the course dried out considerably and although some parts were a little rutted due to the recent cold spell, conditions under foot where pretty good for racing.


Well done to all who ran and particularly those, wherever they finished in the race, for putting in a solid effort throughout, trying their best for their house.


Individual Results


Minor Girls (Y7 & 8)


1 – Hannah Gaynor

2 – Maddie Evans

3 – Katie Wright


Minor Boys (Y7 & 8)


1 – Alfie Lampkin

2 – Ben Kelt

3 – Peter Moffat


Junior Girls (Y9 & 10)


1 – Jemima Jaggar

2 – Mollie Bratt

3 – Sophie Robinson


Junior Boys (Y9 & 10)


1 – Jack Hutchinson

2 – Archie Alton

3 – Jay Cafferkey


Senior Girls (Y11, L6 & U6)


1 – Eve Hutchinson NEW RECORD

2 – Charlotte Morris

3 – Marisa Allen


Senior Boys (Y11, L6 & U6)


1 – Mike O’Shea

2 – Michael Wright

3 – Tom Humphries


Winning Houses


Minor Girls (Y7 & 8) – Bowland


Minor Boys (Y7 & 8) – Malham


Junior Girls (Y9 & 10) – Carr


Junior Boys (Y9 & 10) – Morrison


Senior Girls (Y11, L6 & U6) – Carr 


Senior Boys (Y11, L6 & U6) – Paley