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Paley Society Lecture 2019

Monday 24 Jun 2019


The evening of the 20th June 2019 saw the inaugural Paley Lecture delivered by Dr Karl Möller. This was the first in what will become an annual academic lecture delivered in the school. The evening began with a delightful afternoon tea in the beautiful setting of the Gatehouse Gardens. From there the Paley Scholars, parents and guests strolled up to the famous Giggleswick Chapel where we were challenged and informed in equal measure about the theological implications of asylum seekers.

The lecture ‘Of sheep and goats’ was given in the great tradition of William Paley the world-famous theologian and OG. On this occasion the students were put through their paces by looking at biblical hermeneutics and relating them to the modern political reality of asylum seekers and immigration more generally. It was a deeply thought-provoking talk which allowed for some fascinating audience questions from students and guests alike.

The Paley Society was formed in 2018 in order to develop a love of learning and enrichment experiences specifically for the academic scholars in the school. Named after William Paley the Paley scholars are encouraged to develop their thinking beyond the curriculum and participate in activities which enable them to grow as thought leaders not just in school but beyond.

Over the year the Paley Society has been working with students to develop their love of learning and stimulate their intellectual lives. We look forward to the 2020 Paley Lecture which will be given by Andrew Copson; Chief Executive of Humanists UK and President of Humanists International. Andrew will be discussing the rise of secularism in western Europe and its implications for the politics of the 21st century.