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Pupils make a splash in Ullswater

Monday 26 Jun 2017

Our Year 6 pupils took a week away from their usual timetable to enjoy the challenges of the great outdoors in their end of year trip to Ullswater. It was an unforgettable final trip for the girls and boys who will be moving up from Junior to Senior School in September.


The Lake District provided the perfect setting for some exciting outdoor learning and fun, giving the children the chance to try their hand at everything from raft and canoe building to climbing, hiking, gorge walking and orienteering. 


The wide range of the physical and mental challenges meant team building skills were well and truly put to the test. Pupils learned the importance of communication, planning and hard work, and found out just how exciting and how much fun it can be.


Foraging, rock hopping, nightlines and hot chocolate in Kelly Kettle were just a few of the many highlights for the children and, of course, the famous annual ‘Jog and Dip’ –  a short run followed by full immersion into the icy waters of the lake!


William Smith-McShee, when asked about his experience said “I feel alive at Ullswater!”