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Pupils star in Autumn Concert

Tuesday 21 Nov 2017

Junior School pupils delivered a fantastic showcase of performing arts at our Autumn Concert, retelling the story of Francesca Sanna’s award winning book “The Journey”. The book recounts the plight of a refugee family escaping the persecution and turmoil of war. All pupils in years 1-6 worked together to create poetry, movement pieces, songs and musical improvisations which resulted in an emotional and atmospheric performance.


Organiser of the Autumn Concert, Josie Wells, said “I’m exceptionally proud of the confident, spontaneous and creative work the pupils created throughout the learning process.”


Headmaster, James Mundell, commented “What was most impressive was how the concert was created by the pupils, who composed their own pieces following two days of workshops with 'The Vonnegut Collective', a contemporary, exploratory, improvisatory music ensemble. The story developed the children's cultural awareness about the plight of refugees in the world; giving this Autumn Concert a strong moral message. Congratulations to all involved on this ambitious, highly creative and memorable performance.”