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Speech Day and Prize Giving 2018

Monday 4 Jun 2018

900 guests packed the Sports Hall for this year’s Speech Day to celebrate the ‘Joy in Learning’ at Giggleswick, with another year of successes hard won by our pupils and carefully supported by their teachers.

“In an age when there is too great an emphasis on exams and cramming for them we want to ensure that learning is fun” said Mr Turnbull in his address to the guests, and judging by the happy, smiling faces and laughter resounding through the hall, Giggleswick certainly seems to be achieving just that!

The Headmaster acknowledged the success of pupils not just in the classroom but on the stage, on the sports field, in the music hall and art studio, and out in the community too.

Special thanks were given to Miles Taylor and Richard Lloyd for their incredible creative work with Giggleswick Student Media and this was a cue for their eagerly awaited final video, ‘Gigglebox’ -  a TV themed perspective on The Giggleswick Learner made and performed by our pupils.

The Headmaster and Chair of Governors, Heather Hancock went on to explain how the School continues to look forward with confidence with some exciting new developments already in progress to ensure that our teaching and pastoral facilities are fit for the pupils in the 21st century, as we enter what some are now calling the fourth education revolution.

Guests were invited to view the plans and the ‘show room’ for the first phase in a multi-million pound redevelopment of our boarding facilities, which pupils will start to enjoy from September 2018. A new gym and new dance studio will also be completed in the Summer which will be a resource for the whole community to enjoy.

Mr Turnbull explained: “We believe strongly in the value of boarding but we must adapt to modern demands. We are therefore reviewing our boarding provision to ensure it provides the highest standards of facility and a new model of family friendly boarding. We endeavour to put the needs of the child at heart of what we do, so that boarding, just like all learning, can be great fun.”

Heather Hancock, Chair of Governors paid tribute to many of the long serving Governors and the Headmaster acknowledged the dedication of the teachers who have given their careers to support the best outcomes in their pupils.

Prizes were presented this year by James Ketchell, the first and only person to have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, successfully summited Mount Everest and cycled 18,000 miles around the world. He spoke about his journey from a hospital bed following a disastrous motorcycle accident to his ‘Ultimate Triathlon’ over the following seven years. His inspiring story was a lesson to everyone not just about conquering adversity but also about how important it is to continue to enjoy learning in life.

Heads of School, Emma Crossley-Smith and Miles Taylor provided the perfect end to the proceedings with a clear and heartfelt message for all pupils to embrace and enjoy every opportunity that Giggleswick provides.

View this year’s list of prize winners here.

Watch the ‘Gigglebox’ video here.