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Sports Day 2019

Monday 20 May 2019


Passion, pride, skill and steely determination were all on display, alongside a true spirit of participation and teamwork across the Houses and year groups, at this year’s Sports Day. Three records were broken including the long standing Intermediate Boys 800m record which had stood since 1971. See below the winners of the individual and House events:

Individual Winners

Minor Boys Winners
100m - W Towe (M) 13.69sec
200m - W Towe (M) 28.49sec
400m - A Clark (B) 70.02sec
800m - B Kelt (C) 2:42.3min
1500m - T Sanz (B) 5:51min
Long Jump - A Clark (B) 4.20m
High Jump - B Kelt (C) 1.48m
Shot Put - R Boyd (C) 7.48m
Javelin - W Scholey (M) 21.83m
4 x 100m - Craven 61.53sec

Minor Girls Winners
100m - A Broxson-Clarke (M) 15.23sec
200m - P Recio (B) 32.12sec
300m - I Martin-Caro (C) 53.34sec
800m - M Evans (B) 2:55.6min
Long Jump - M Evans (B) 3.48m
High Jump - L Whewell (B) 1.17m
Shot Put - H Cossens (M) 5.99m
Javelin - M Huber (C) 16.42m
4 x 100m - Bowland 63.80sec

Junior Boys Winners
100m - S Holden (P) 12.53sec
200m - S Holden (P) 26.07sec
400m - O Skelton (S) 66.17sec
800m - H Young (S) 2:35.6min
1500m - P Moffatt (N) -
80m Hurdles - M Healing (N) -
Long Jump - V Turnbull (S) 4.99m
High Jump - M Healing (N) 1.57m
Triple Jump - L Gorner (N) 9.11m
Shot Put - M Healing (N) 9.83m
Discus - O Skelton (S) 21.25m
Javelin - W Atack (P) 27.65m
4 x 100m - Shute 56.38sec

Junior Girls Winners
100m - K Wright (C) 13.50sec
200m -  E Cummins (S) 31.9sec
300m - E Hutchinson (S) 47.21sec
800m - H Gaynor (S) 2:49.3min
75m Hurdles - M Humphries (C) 14.76sec
Long Jump - F Cope (S) 4.43m
High Jump - K Goodale (C) 1.40m
Shot Put - E Warburton (S) 8.07m
Discus - B Moffat (S) 18.7m
Javelin - E Hutchinson (S) 20.83m
4 x 100m - Style 58.36sec

Intermediate Boys Winners
100m - C Moore (P) 12.31sec
200m - J Braithwaite (M) 24.73sec
400m - J Hutchinson (N) 53.18sec
800m - J Hutchinson (N) 2.02.95min
1500m - J Cafferkey (M) 5:30.46min
100m Hurdles - J Cafferkey (M) -
Long Jump - C Moore (P) 5.36m
High Jump - N Delailomaloma (S) 1.52m
Triple Jump - J Cafferkey (M) 10.19m
Shot Put - N Delailomaloma (S) 10.44m
Discus - T Atkinson (P) 24.20m
Javelin - N Delailomaloma (S) 33.47m
4 x 100m - Morrison 53.33sec

Senior Girls Winners
100m - A Cornelius (C) 13.32sec
200m - M Rockliffe-King (C) 27.64sec
300m - E Hutchinson (C) 44.28sec
800m - E Hutchinson (C) 2:30.30min
Open 1500m - E Hutchinson (C) 5:41.26min
80m Hurdles - M Lothian (C) -
Long Jump - N Hill (C) 3.57m
High Jump - K Bagshaw (S) 1.30m
Open Triple Jump - M Allen (S) 8.39m
Shot Put - A Jackson (S) 7.01m
Discus - M Lothian (C) 18.79m
Javelin - M Rockliffe-King (C) 24.92m
4 x 100m - Carr A 55.81sec


Senior Boys Winners
100m - R Hodgson (S) 11.14sec
200m - T Russell (S) 24.23sec
400m - R Hodgson (S) 53.78sec
800m - E Brennan (M) 2:20.04min
Open Mile - E Brennan (M) 4:39.39min
110m Hurdles - G Ogden (S) 16.39sec
Long Jump - J Bagshaw (S) 5.7m
High Jump - T Russell (S) 1.63m
Triple Jump - G Ogden (S) 11.18m
Shot Put - M Clarke (N) 10.20m
Discus - J Brook (N) 27.55m
Javelin - T Lothian (S) 29.43m
4 x 100m - Shute 48.13sec
4 x 400m - Shute -

New Records

Minor Boys High Jump
Previous record: S Taylor - 1.45m, 2014
New record: B Kelt - 1.48m, 2019

Intermediate Boys 800m
Previous record: T Hartley - 2:06.5min, 1971
New record: J Hutchinson - 2.02.95min, 2019

Senior Girls 200m
Previous record: V Vaughan - 27.8sec, 1999
New Record: M Rockliffe-King - 27.64sec, 2019

Victrix Ludorum

Minor Girls – M Evans (B)
Junior Girls - E Hutchinson (S)
Senior Girls - E Hutchinson (C)

Victor Ludorum


Minor Boys – A Clark (B) & W Towe (M)
Junior Boys – M Healing (N)
Intermediate Boys - N Delailomaloma (S)
Senior Boys - E Brennan (M)

House Winners

Minor Boys - Bowland
Minor Girls - Bowland

Junior Girls - Style
Senior Girls - Carr
Overall Girls - Carr

Junior Boys - Paley
Intermediate Boys - Paley
Senior Boys - Shute
Overall Boys - Shute

Tug of War Winners

Boys - Nowell
Girls - Carr