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Spring Concert 2019

Tuesday 16 Apr 2019

Our musicians at Giggleswick showcased an impressive range of styles and genres at this year's Spring Concert with pieces ranging from the Italian Baroque composer, Antonio Lotti’s Crucifixus, sung beautifully by Schola, to Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain, performed by members of the Senior School Rock Group.

Director of Music, Margie Simper, paid tribute to the breadth and depth of skills on display. These ranged from small groups including the Junior and Senior Rock Group, the Flute Ensemble, the Folk Band and the Jazz Group, right through to the large ensembles including choral and instrumental performances by Schola, Chapel Choir, Orchestra and Concert Band.

Mrs Simper said “It was a joy to see and hear so many students performing and everyone seemed to be having such a good time. The school musicians should feel immensely proud of all that they performed so professionally on Wednesday and Thursday night.”

The orchestra opened the programme with the Carmen Suite and Concert Band closed the night with five superbly performed classic numbers, including The Final Countdown, and Billie Jean. We also had the pleasure of hearing Maddie Goode, our Young Musician of the Year winner, perform her winning piece Hypnosis on the soprano saxophone.

The audience enjoyed a little comedy throughout the evening too, with our Sixth Form singers performing a number from Spamalot, and an entertaining cross between Mozart and James Bond played on the violin and piano by The Simpers!

Congratulations to everyone who took part, and to Mrs Stott who helped bring it all together.