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Year 4 & 5 enjoy OP Adventure in Malham

Friday 16 Feb 2018

Our Year 4 & 5 spent the day and night at Malham Tarn Field Centre as part of a new initiative to further develop our pupil's OP skills and to provide an overnight experience in lead up to the week in Ullswater in Year 6. 


The children's first task was to build a shelter in the woods by foraging for sticks and materials to make them resistant to the elements and bears! Each group had 30 minutes to create their structure, and then it was tested by our group leader, Rhian, who pushed and prodded each den, before she tested how water resistant the dens were by throwing water at them.


After a lunch stop, they were then indoors for a session developing map reading skills which helped when it came to the practical task - outdoor orienteering around the grounds. Resilience was another key skill as the children navigated muddy terrain in the rain.


Following a much needed warm drink, they had a short night walk down towards the lake. Rhian led the way by torch light and each child took their turn to listen for bats using a detector which picked up their high frequency sonar. It was then time for tea followed by our final activity, the camp fire.


Wakeup was at 7:30am, but most of the children were already up by this time and raring to go. They woke to glorious sunshine, so Mrs Bagot took them on a lovely morning walk to an animal hide by the waterfront where they watched the birds. Then it was back up to the centre for a hearty cooked breakfast. This gave them the energy to light fires using flint and steel, for some it was a painstaking effort to make a flame, so perseverance was key. However, by the end of the session all the children managed it.