Aims & values

At Giggleswick we aim to support every child in their lifelong journey of learning so that they have the skills to lead fulfilling lives and make a valued contribution to society.

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Our aims are to:

  • Put children’s wellbeing and learning at the heart of all that we do.
  • Deliver the highest of educational standards across an engaging and broad curriculum.
  • Support every child in all the ways that we can to achieve their best outcomes.
  • Encourage every child to participate in the full breadth of the curriculum, however challenging this may seem.
  • Build positive relationships across our own community and with the communities that we serve.
  • Equip children with the character and skills to become lifelong learners.
  • Welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds to a community based upon a Christian foundation.


Our core values are ambition, respect and participation. We believe that our boarding and extended day is central to providing children with opportunities to put these values into practice.

  • The wellbeing and happiness of all our pupils is our first priority. We recognise that strong pastoral care provides the best support to this and allows pupils to develop the respect for themselves and others that prepares them for life beyond school.
  • We encourage all our pupils to participate positively in all that is on offer.
  • We encourage all our pupils to enter into their academic, co-curricular and career activities with real ambition to perform at their best and to aim high in their outcomes.

We believe that positive relationships between staff and pupils, and ongoing dialogue with parents are essential to building an open and trusting community. All children should feel able to approach any member of staff secure in the knowledge that everyone has the right to be treated as an individual and with respect by other pupils and staff.

We recognise that children should never be defined by the grades that they work towards achieving. A Giggleswick education aims to develop character traits that will serve students throughout their lives. We articulate these in the Giggleswick Learner:

Curious: Become confident in asking questions, engaged in developing intellectual talents and motivated to achieve through well-structured and organised study.

Skilled: Build personal skills, intellectual interests and talents; respond to feedback from teachers and coaches and encourage others to do the same.

Aware: Have empathy and can take responsibility for themselves, for others and for their environment; understand the importance of tolerance, openness and trust, and challenge teasing, harassment and bullying when it arises.

Passionate: Enthusiastically explore and engage with new ideas that enable them to develop spiritually, culturally, morally and socially.

Creative: Express themselves imaginatively in a range of ways; recognising the value of individuality and respecting the right to equality of opportunity for all.

Pro-active: Actively seek new opportunities and make a commitment to activities that help them to develop personally, socially and culturally.

Resilient: Acquire the skills and confidence to deal with the challenges they face; feel able to share the good things in their lives; and know where to turn for advice, guidance and support during times of difficulty.

Assured: Can work as part of a team, take initiative and show leadership; know how to identify risks and mitigate against them so they can rise to challenges.

To achieve these aims we will:

  • Involve all members of teaching staff in providing pastoral care at school.
  • Maintain good, ongoing communication between the pupil, home and school, which is central to providing excellent support for the wellbeing of every child.
  • Encourage pupils to give their views and develop leadership skills.
  • Promote wellbeing.
  • Offer a range of sources of advice.
  • Support pupils’ spiritual development.