To comply with legal requirements, ISI and OFSTED reporting standards, the following policies may be downloaded here or sent as hard copies upon request (please call 01729 893000).

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Accessibility policy

Admissions policy

Anti-bullying policy

Anti-Radicalisation and Prevent Risk Assessment

Appeal Against Exclusion Procedure

Assessment, recording & reporting policy

Attendance policy

Behaviour policy

Boarding and Wellbeing principles and practice

Calculation policy

CCTV policy

Child collection & out of school care policy

Code of conduct

Cookie policy

Complaints procedure

Curriculum policy

Data protection

Data retention

Educational visits policy

Emotional health and wellbeing policy

English as an additional language policy - whole school

Equal opportunities pupils policy

Equal opportunities staff policy

Fee remission policy

First aid policy

Fire safety policy

Handwriting policy

Head lice policy

Health & safety policy

Homework policy

Intimate care policy

Low-level concerns policy

Marking & feedback policy

Missing pupil policy

Mission, aims and values

More able policy

Online safety policy

PE policy

Presentation policy

Provision for pupils with particular religious, dietary, language or cultural needs policy

Provision of information policy

Provision of medical care policy

PSHE policy

Pupil leadership and voice

Restraint and physical contact with pupils policy

Risk assessment policy

RSE policy

Safeguarding policy  

Safer recruitment policy

School uniform guide

SEND policy

Spelling policy

Staff code of conduct 

Supervision of pupils policy

Taking, storing & using images of children policy

Terms & conditions

Transition policy

Virtual School appendix to safeguarding policy

Visitors policy

Website terms & privacy statement

Whistleblowing policy