Giggleswick’s fascinating five centuries of history started in 1512 when Henry VIII was on the throne.

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Since his son Edward VI granted the school a royal charter 1553 it has enjoyed four campus rebuilds, close links with prestigious academia and the Church, and alumni have contributed to all walks of life. Giggleswick’s half-millennium of tradition and evolution has earned it a well respected place at the heart and head of its community and the educational landscape of the country.

The school began life as a free grammar school and conducted all its lessons in Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Scholars lodged in local private boarding houses. Over the years, Giggleswick expanded its age range, opened to girls and the curriculum broadened. The landmark school chapel was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee and enviable faciltiies were added, including one of the first heated indoor swimming pools in the country.

Giggleswick has enjoyed royal visits, the attentions of science as the site of the totality of a solar eclipse and has educated war heroes, philanthropists, leaders of industry and Hollywood actors.