The most distinctive aspect of a Giggleswick education is its focus on personal development and participation. The school is exceptionally good at discovering and developing an individual’s strengths, and, with a breadth of educational opportunities, nurturing the whole person. 

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The CAS programme

The CAS programme is our focus for co-curricular provision at Giggleswick. It is shaped around a balanced programme of creative, active, and service components. 

What makes Giggleswick unique is that these activities are timetabled into the school day that allows pupils to undertake all three strands, which not only develops a variety of strengths, but contributes to a pupil’s wellbeing too. 


Appreciation of the arts through exposure to music, drama and other experiences that involve creative thinking and application.


Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle, the experience of being part of a team or recreational activity.  


Contribution to the wider community and support of the environment.

The Giggleswick learner profile

Our learner profile is at the heart of everything we do, and defines the character that we encourage in our pupils to give them the very best opportunities beyond school. Our CAS programme allows pupils to make the most of the opportunities we have to offer and prepares them for life after Giggleswick by developing these characteristics. The CAS programme is not just about being active, it targets the key virtues associated with participating in the creative and service sections. 

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