The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at Giggleswick is a highly productive area of the school's academic and extra-curricular provision. It is made up of the Army, RAF and the Royal Marines, which is one of only 23 Royal Marines Detachments in the UK. Training focuses on the development of personal responsibility and leadership, and cadets are regularly placed in challenging experiences designed to boost self-esteem and build resilience.

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CCF is compulsory for Year 10 pupils. All cadets follow a core first half term before choosing which of the three sections they wish to join for the remainder of the academic year. At the end of the summer term all cadets attend a UK central camp.

In Year 11 and above, cadets are given the opportunity to continue with the CCF and achieve many of the additional benefits it offers. Cadets can shoot, conduct adventure training, take part in overnight exercises, fly, glide, perform military music. The opportunities are endless and restricted only by the availability of courses and time.

Promotions within the CCF are earned on merit and are a clear reflection of the level of respect that officers have for the cadets. This statement of personal ability is well recognised by admissions tutors at university.

The Contingent performs well at Brigade and national level having recently won the Brigade Patrols Competition. The Contingent has also won elements of the Royal Marine Sir Steuart Pringle Trophy, achieved creditable ranking in .22 shooting competitions, had cadets parading at the Royal Albert Hall and undertook adventure training in Canada, Kenya and South Africa.

In addition to traditional military qualifications, cadets can gain Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards, earn an additional 4 GCSE's through the CVQO Public Services BTEC scheme, attend nationally recognised leadership awards, qualify as a pilot, or gain nationally recognised first aid and navigation qualifications. The rewards of the CCF can be a simple as memories of overnight exercises or as significant as additional academic qualifications. The opportunities are available for whoever wishes to take the challenge.