Giggleswick School is recognised as a centre of excellence for Drama and Theatre Arts, producing work of the very highest standard. We aim to foster in all Giggleswickians a lively interest in Drama as a living part of our cultural heritage.

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The School has a very long and colourful history as far as Drama is concerned. Russell Harty was one of the first teachers to really breathe life into Drama setting the foundations for the creation of the Department as it is today. Support from ex-Giggleswickians, including the late Richard Whiteley, has ensured sustained growth and development. The playwright Alan Bennett was, until recently, the Honorary President of the Drama Society; he was replaced by the onetime head of BBC Drama, Mr Alan Shallcross. Many Giggleswickians have chosen to make the theatre their chosen profession and have gone on to great success in the world of theatre and film. 

One of the main goals of the Drama department is to provide all our students with the opportunity to improve their self-confidence and communication skills. We deliver a programme that is both challenging and enriching, with considerable emphasis placed on the collaborative nature of the performing arts. An exciting range of opportunities are available for students to become involved in all aspects of theatre art.