Giggleswick was the first school in the UK to offer a specialist Pre-A level programme for international students. We also offer 1-year GCSEs and tailored English language support.

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Many of our international students join us to complete their education and proceed to top UK universities. We also have girls and boys who join us for one year. We provide a range of curriculum options to suit the age and needs of each pupil.

Years 7 to 9

In these younger years, international pupils largely learn alongside our English-speaking pupils. Where necessary they will be provided with support for their English language development to help them access the mainstream curriculum as soon as possible.

Years 10 to 11 (GCSE)

In Year 10, pupils will start a GCSE programme with our English-speaking pupils. Depending on the student's level of English, EAL lessons will be provided each week in addition to core GCSE lessons.

One year GCSE – Year 11

This programme supports international students who want to spend one year studying with us and they should be over the age of 15 years. Boys and girls who complete the course and sit examinations can take up to six GCSE subjects.

Pre A-level – Year 11

The Pre A-level course is designed to prepare students for the demands of A-level courses and give them a taste for subjects they may be considering for A-level. The syllabus includes a range of GCSE subjects, a structured programme of English language lessons (EAL), all helping students become accustomed to the learning styles of a British curriculum. Subject to satisfactory progress, students will sit for GCSE examinations at the end of the year.

EAL lessons

In addition to curriculum support, we offer specific English teaching to students for whom English is an additional language. This may be one, two or more additional lessons as required. Please note these lessons carry an additional charge.  Students over 16 years of age may take the IELTS test.  We arrange preparation classes and transport to and from the test centre.