Agents & guardians

To assist families who live outside the UK, we have an established network of overseas agents based in different countries around the world who are able to provide information, advice and assistance with the application process. All students, whose families live overseas, must have a legal guardian resident in the UK.  

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Giggleswick School works with a number of Agents or Educational Consultants in various countries. These are companies who provide advice and information about studying in the schools they represent in the UK.


Parents of pupils who live outside the United Kingdom must appoint a suitable adult to act as an education guardian whilst the pupil is at Giggleswick. The education guardian takes responsibility for the pupil when they are not at school. If a suitable education guardian is not appointed, the school, acting on the authority of the parents, may appoint a guardianship agency to find a host family.

Whilst parents will remain the first line of communication as far as matters of serious illness or discipline are concerned, the role of the Guardian is an extremely important one. In particular the School expects Guardians to fulfill key responsibilities.