Alex raises almost £1000 to support the Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine
Ben Harris

Almost £1000 has been raised by Year 3 pupil, Alex, to support the Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine. The Cream Tea event, held at Rathmell Reading Room, took place on 30 April and attracted the support of many. The Rathmell Reading Room Committee immediately donated the hire fee back to his fund, Rodda donated enough cream and jam for 150 scones, and the Courtyard Dairy provided a voucher to use as a raffle prize.

Alex’s mum, Claire, commented: “The idea came about as we were driving home from school one day when Alex said he wished he could find a way to raise money for the people who've had to leave their homes in Ukraine. I suggested that he think what his strengths are, and he came up with cooking, so we followed this through until it became the idea to host an afternoon cream tea with Alex baking the scones. We're obviously very proud of Alex, and very grateful to everyone for getting behind the idea and making it a success, not only because of the amazing final total raised but because it was such an experience for Alex to realise he can have an idea and see it through to really make a difference.”