Burns, James (Paley, 2008)
Sophie Clayton

Email -  james.burns@oldgiggleswickians.org
Contact number -  001 646 577 9704

Introducing myself:

From Giggleswick, I made the move to South London in order to attend Central Saint Martins. After a year of exploring the fine arts, I joined an agency which represents illustrators to the creative industries. In 2014 I moved to New York  to open the agencies American office. What was meant to have been a two year assignment, has seen the agency blossom and myself settling in the tri-state area. I am currently pursuing permanent residency, although I thoroughly enjoy frequent trips back to North Yorkshire and London to see friends and family. 

In my downtime I am an enthusiastic potter who loves to make functional wares. Ceramics was first introduced to me at Giggleswick, through the engagement of the art department staff, it quickly became a passion. I will be forever grateful to Daniel McAuliffe, Hanner Manheimer, Mags Rowles and David Knight for sharing their incredible abilities with me. 

How do I plan to make a difference:

As a Giggleswick ambassador to the British Schools and Universities foundation, I would like to build more bridges with the OG Community that reside in North America. I firmly believe that they would enjoy having an awareness of life at Giggleswick, and be more included in the OG Community. With any luck, I can see OG happy hours taking place in NYC, Chicago and the Bay Area in the very near future.