Cooke, Elizabeth (Nowell, 1978)
Sophie Clayton

Number- 07500965517

Introducing myself

In September 1976 I came to Giggleswick as one of the first 5 girls and left in July 1978 when the number of girls had swelled to 11!   I was in Nowell.   I spent a year at a secretarial college near Oxford before taking my first job in the City with a Merchant Bank in 1980.   I worked for The Rank Organisation and then an advertising company in St James’s Square.   Having been involved with the UK Mars Confectionary business I moved to the international department which covered not only the confectionery but also pet foods. I was a co-ordinator linking in with all advertising agencies across the world who had any Mars business. In 1989 I left to have my first child, Sophie. Tom followed 3 years later and I remained at home to bring them up. A move to Dorset in 1999 and where I have been ever since. I have taken various part time admin manager roles locally since my children left home. For the last 4 years I have worked at Port Regis Prep School in their school office. My main responsibility is the safe transfer of all the international pupils to and from the airports together with general admin. Starting in September, I shall be the full time Port Regis School Secretary.