Drake, Robert George (Paley, 1964)
Sophie Clayton

Email - bob.drake@oldgiggleswickians.org
Contact Number - 07803017507

Introducing myself:

As an OG and former Giggleswick parent, I have seen many changes in both the school and the way the OG Committee is organised and I have been privileged to serve on the OG Committee for a number of years.

My brother joined the school just after World War 2 during rationing and hard times, I followed in the mid 1950s. We both started in Catteral Hall and in due course moved into Big School and into Paley House, where I became Head of House in my final year. I saw the School through austere times in the 50s, with improvements in the 60s. When my eldest son joined at the end of the 1980s, the School had much improved in facilities and was even welcoming girls! My second son followed his brother into Catteral Hall through to Paley and they both benefited from the many sporting opportunities that the school offered along with drama, the CCF Royal Marines section and Outdoor Pursuits.

Including Exeat visits to my brother, my connection with the school stretches back over 70 years and during this time I spent 19 years on the OG Committee.

I thoroughly believe in the School and have seen standards of teaching rise and the quality of the food and student welfare grown at an exponential level.

In my last year at School I passed the Regular Commissions Board exam and went to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1965, commissioning into the Royal Corps of Signals in December 1966. I then spent 30 years’ service with the Colours serving in Germany, Norway, Malta, The Middle East, Sharjah, Libya, the Falkland Islands and of course the UK. Following my army career I was Bursar at a private school in Harrogate for some years and also an office manager for an engineering company until my final retirement.

What is my role and contribution to the OGC:

I was elected president of the OG Committee for the year 1914-15, during which time we held the London Dinner on HMS Belfast on the Thames. I was one of the main researchers of the OGs who were killed in the Great War and was privileged to present the final bound copy of the Honour Roll to the school on behalf of the OG Committee. This is now in the School Chapel and has a page turned every week by a Praeposter. On joining the OG committee I ran the OG Rugby Club for many years and designed the Team boards in the Eshtons Pavillion. Before the School’s Quincentenary I helped with the reorganisation of the OG DataBase. On behalf of the Club I am now researching the OGs who lost their lives in the Second World War in preparation for their Honour Roll to be presented to the school.

How do I plan to make a difference:

With my background in communications I would like to see a clear way forward for the members of the Club to receive information about the club and the School using all current means at its disposal, in order to rejuvenate the links between the club and the school which have been adversely affected by the pandemic.