Edwards, John (Carr, 1986)
Sophie Clayton

Email - john.edwards@oldgiggleswickians.org
Contact Number - 07976 278 415

Introducing myself:

As an OG and current Giggleswick parent, I can vouch emphatically for the continuing qualities of the school that I first saw during my own time, from 8 to 16 years of age. Of course much has improved and everything is a great deal modernized.  The flexible approach to boarding with complete integration of the day pupils combined with an easy conversational flow between school and parents is just brilliant. So when we decided it was definitely Giggleswick for our daughter, it was a great time to add into the 7 year parent-relationship with the school with some “giving back” as an OG.

After A levels at Ermysted's Grammar School, Skipton, I studied law, then after Bar Finals and a Masters degree, I finally started my career at 25. 13 years at the criminal bar in Sheffield then Leeds followed, alongside business experience in the financial sector.  Then in 2008, business won out and I became fully immersed in the commercial world as MD of a well established specialist recruitment business in Leeds.

A countryman and would-be farmer at heart, I live near Skipton with Esther, to whom I have been married for 23 years and our daughter, Sofia, along with assorted gundogs, horses and poultry. 

Always proud of my Giggleswick heritage I have returned to OG day a number of times over the years, more so as our own daughter headed toward year 7 and decisions needed to be made. In fact it it was not a hard choice – Gigg just felt “right” – unpretentious, committed, ambitious, the whole Giggleswick Learner profile, so masterfully crafted, summed up everything we wanted for our daughter, and really developed the Giggleswick tradition I knew so well.

What is my role and contribution to the OGC:

I hope to contribute the drive to get things done for OGs, contributing to a resurging relevance, establishing simple actionable objectives that can be seen through to delivery. Clarity of view is vital and an ability to listen and to understand the viewpoints of our diverse community. There is a tradition to uphold and a future to embrace.  Every member of our OG community is important, whatever their outlook, their age, their journey during their time at Giggleswick and afterwards.  We share a common thread that, properly deployed, can add value throughout our lives and this is what I would like to help do.